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Jun 4, 2022

OMIA Marketplace iOS Marketplace

OMIA Marketplace iOS Marketplace

OMIA Marketplace iOS Marketplace

Earn Money By Reselling Today

Your New Revolutionary E-Commerce Marketplace.


OMIA is a unique twist on e-commerce integrating the concepts of drop shipping and direct sales into one marketplace. Resellers can now directly sell or market a never ending plethora of products and services from our marketplace and earn real commission from doing so! New vendors and products are added daily which ensures that resellers can have a nearly infinitely customizable unique marketplace that changes as time goes on. Without any commitment to stocking, inventory acquisition or storage costs, resellers can now sell a plethora of products and services with absolutely, no up front costs other than your subscription fee.


Gain instant access to a sales force of thousands of resellers who will resell your products and services at absolutely zero up front costs. Resellers take a small commission payout set by you in exchange for advertising, marketing, and selling your products and services to be drop-shipped to consumers.

Now for the first time businesses and individual vendors can instantly become direct sales marketers by creating an instant direct sales marketing sales force to find more customers who will advertise, market, and sell their products and services with OMIA.

Now, anyone can start a fully functional e-commerce mega enterprise with little to no upfront cost and start generating income immediately.


Consumers can shop for the latest fashions electronics, houseware, gifts, and other products and services all in one marketplace. Reap the benefits of customer service and savings in a truly competitive marketplace in which businesses and resellers compete to you win your business.


tInvite friends from Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and contacts to shop in your marketplace.

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“You can be a millionaire too!”