May 30, 2022

DreamViz: Envision your ideas, gather user behavior, and arm yourself with data.

Understanding your market's behavior is not an easy feat by any means. However, with the advancement of technology understanding your audience is becoming a bit easier.

DreamViz: Envision your ideas, gather user behavior, and arm yourself with data.

DreamViz: Envision your ideas, gather user behavior, and arm yourself with data.

Executive Statement

"Coming from a background with a heavy concentration in Business Intelligence and analytics myself, I've ensured to instill my company's developments with the same values and principles I've learned through experience to be most crucial to my client's success. Currently with my title of BI Architect and Master's in the area, I ensured that every aspect of our solution is tailored to ensure that only important data is collected and that Somnium Vision will provide insightful solutions. I recognize that data profiling/cleaning is not a favorable task which is I strived to ensure that most of that is handled on the front end before it hits the backend. It is within my future vision that I hope to help the team refine this solution to a point in which where data profiling is completely eliminated from the backend and handled in the front end." - Arseny Y. Lead Developer & Partner

DreamViz Solution

Understanding your market's behavior is not an easy feat by any means. However, with the advancement of technology understanding your audience is becoming a bit easier. We're always picking away at innovative and new methods of being able to tap into our client's audiences in the most minimally invasive ways possible. The best data is collected when a person is being studied naturally and not in an artificial or environment where surveyors/researches ask questions and expect accurate answers. Our developments always aim towards satisfying this belief in placing users in a natural environment where they are free to act as they wish accordingly in an attempt to eliminate false data. As with any good data collection initiative reach is a very important aspect as well. Which is why we strive to create solutions that span a myriad of platform deployments including desktop, mobile, virtual reality, and more. With this began the inception of our latest venture that has been in the works for a few years. We call it, DreamViz. See below as well for the executive's statement on this new service introduction.

DreamViz Service

DreamViz solution previously known as "Somnium" vision"
  • Is smart as it learns from your patterns to tailor the situations
  • Learns, records, and analyzes user behavior to output to data tables
  • Fully deployable and supported on a wide variety and range of platforms including but not limited to
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more..
  • Includes 6 month of free support after product completion
  • Allows for full user interaction with the environments and scenarios
  • Allows for limitless customization to your specific and intended application
  • Various subscription levels that allow for 24/7 access to data output by the solution for your usage

Dream Vision's Main Menu

The main selection and Menu Screen of DreamViz previously known as Somnium Vision.

Somnium Vision is trans-platform. The main menu always begins the same, in order to use the device for your intended usage, simple walk over to the device to begin your Somnium utilizing that platform. For example, approach the VR headset to begin the Somnium utilizing VR.

Possibilities and Uses

magine the possibility of being able to create a scenario that applies to your specific goal and then collect data on your potential audience. Great examples follow below.

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Create and envision current developments or developments in construction. Deliver this experience to your audience in a variety of platforms including desktop, browser, mobile, and virtual reality. Allow them the freedom to tour in real-time or follow a predetermined path. While they're experiencing this you're collecting data and building a profile on them. What are their likes, their dislikes, what room they spend the most time in? What colors they prefer on their walls? You can envision the idea from there. Somnium allows you to do that, it allows your imagination to run wild with your audience.
  • Construction and Developments
  • Create and envision future projects and developments. Allow investors and team members to explore the project in all of its stages. See the construction occur and identify issues from early on. If there's a potential issue, capture a screenshot with it and make a note of it. This is saved for later to review along with your peers. Send this application off to investors so that they can view on their mobile devices and see what their investment will look like after development is complete. Change wall colors, furniture, and other important aspects real time.
  • Military and Defense
  • Create and deploy effective simulations. Envision certain scenarios and observe how trainees would react in these situations. Record their performances and analyze the data output from them. Have the ability to review and analyze patterns in their behaviors and help recognize errors before they become detrimental. Learn to understand your trainee's weaknesses and their strengths to tailor your solutions to them.

Arch Viz In The Solution

Arch vis is built into the solution by default

These are just some example possibilities, of course there are many more possibilities for the software. As of right now the software is available as a custom product/service and must be ordered to be customized and tailored to your specific case. In this article we've included a demo download to help you understand some potential usage situations. Keep in mind that the software included here is in alpha stages and not complete. It is not reflective of how your solution would be tailored if you decide to pursue a custom solution. If you decide to order a custom tailored solution, your solution will be debugged and checked to ensure quality and shipping viability.

Download Somnium Vision Alpha Demo 1.0.0 Here

Regardless of your needs the software can be tailored to fit your applications. As of now the service is a custom service that must be ordered through us to ensure that the most effective optimizations and customizations are completed before delivering to you for your client usage.

While this service is in its infancy still we plan to continue expanding on it. Not all features or plans are revealed within the article and if you're interested in the technology you should consider subscribing to our newsletters to get the latest updates, information, and promotions on the service. If you're interested in downloading the demo scenario, please visit the download page.

Stay tuned next week for more news and updates occurring over at Tejada Solutions International!